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    Exclamation Send SMS Problem. Cannot Get SMSC Address. Due to Strange SIM Card?


    I’m developing a SMS sending MIDlet using JSR-120 (WMA 1.1), but I have a problem.

    First of all, I made a very simple SMS Demo application and tested it on Nokia 6680.
    (I transferred the Jar via Bluetooth)

    However, I found some strange things.

    I had three SIM cards. ( Three Indonesia Telkomsel SIMPATI SIMs ).

    With two SIMs of them, the SMS Demo MIDlet worked well on the Nokia 6680.

    Unfortunately, with one SIM, the SMS Demo threw an Exception ‘IllegalArgument Exception’.

    I traced the Exception and I found that ‘System.getProperty(“wireless.messaging.sms.smsc”)’ returns an empty string; “ ”.

    I knew that if ‘System.getProperty(“wireless.messaging.sms.smsc”)’ does not return a proper address to MIdlet, the Midlet cannot send SMS anymore.

    To solve this problem, I tried followings.

    1. I sent a normal SMS to resist my SIM.

    Sending a normal SMS was success,

    but my SMS DEMO Midlet could NOT get an address of SMS Centre and could NOT send SMS.

    2. I set the txtMessage’s SMS Centre Address by hand at Messaging->Settings menu,

    but my SMS DEMO Midlet could NOT get an address of SMS Centre and could NOT send SMS.

    3. I changed the Network Mode from 3G to GSM, but the result was same.

    4. I upgraded the Nokia 6680 Firmware from v3.04.37 to v5.04.07.

    EVEN WORSE!!!! One more SIM card does not work!! Now, only one card works!!

    I tested the strange SIM card on other phones; Sony 310i, Sony k500i, Sony k610i.

    On other phones except Nokia 6680 worked well with all SIMPATI SIM cards (both strange SIM and normal SIM).


    There are three Indonesia SIMPATI SIMs.

    I can send a normal SMS with all of them on Nokia 6680.

    I can send a SMS using MIDlet with two of them, but can not with one of them on Nokia 6680.

    I can send a SMS using MIDlet with all of them on the other phones.

    After I upgraded the Nokia 6680 firmware, I can send a SMS using MIDlet with only one of them.

    My questions are these:

    1. How can I send SMS using MIDlet with the strange SIM card?

    2. Is there any Nokia 6680 firmware problem with some SIMPATI SIMs?

    3. How can I distinguish between strange SIMs and normal SIMs.

    4. Installing the application via Bluetooth can effect on MIDlet’s getting SMSC Address?

    I heard that Nokia 6680 is a popular phone and many people are using it.

    In Indonesia, many people may use also SIMPATI SIM of Telkomsel.

    Please, help me out.

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    Re: Send SMS Problem. Cannot Get SMSC Address. Due to Strange SIM Card?

    Hi all.

    It looks like I have same trouble on N Series (E50, E65, N70, N71, N72, N73, N95 and Samsung i520).

    I tested my application on 4 sim cards. All sim cards are subscribed on same operator (MTS Russia, Corparate 3)

    My sourcecode:
    try {
        String phone = "sms://" + getAdvProperty(PHONE_PREF);
        MessageConnection outcoming = (MessageConnection)Connector.open(phone);
        TextMessage textMessage = (TextMessage)outcoming.newMessage(MessageConnection.TEXT_MESSAGE);
        SMSResult = true;
    } catch (Throwable e) {
        errorMessage = e.getClass().getName() + ", " + e.getMessage();
        SMSResult = false;
    Testing on two of these sim cards always return me IOException "Symbian OS Error -4812: Sim Сard error" on .send(textMessage) method. Testing with another two sim cards was ended successfully.

    All sim card have same SMSC (+79112009993) and has been tested for sending SMS thru standart symbian interface. All sim card can send SMS thru my application on other phones (Sony Ericsson K750, Samsung E900, Nokia 6230 (!)... and many, many others, becouse it's our corporate test sim cards) Problem with suddenly IOException is only on N-Series.

    After reading this post, I wrote test application for System.getProperty("wireless.messaging.sms.smsc")
    If Sim cards doesn't send SMS, it always throw java.lang.Error: "Symbiaon OS error = -4812: Sim Card error" on getting this property

    Please, help me to resolve this problem ASAP.

    For example, our Nokia N70 have firmware 5.0638.3.0.1 18-09-06 RM-84

    Standart WTK2.3 example WMADemo also throw me same exception

    today I found 3 more sim cards with this issue in our office and only 2 without its...

    also throw IOException and sim card error

    Today I tested my application, WMADemo from WTK23 and WMAExample from this forum at all available (for me) Symbian-phones

    Nokia E50, E65, N70, N71, N72 and N73 show reslut like I wrote before.
    Nokia N95 and Samsung i520 can get SMSC property, but still throwing IOException on send() method =(

    still waiting for responce.... ask me smbd, plz

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