where to start.. My phone went dead yesterday cause it had no batteries left. So i get home charge it ect ect..

When i turn on the mobile the nokia logo with those two hands animation pops up (like normal). Then there is this blank background with the battery in the corner with and it stays like that for 1 minute.

after that is... more or less normal.

after about 3-4 minutes it gets back to blank screen with the battery on the corner and it freezes. I turn it off and i can only turn it back on after 30 sec.
If i dont turn it off then after 6 minutes or so it gets back to the menu... >_>
some problems with receiving / sending calls and txt messages

note: the battery is showing full.

I dont know how to fix this...
I tried taking the battery off - the sim card of. Reseting factory settings...
Maybe i need to reset it completely? but i dont know how to do that.

i cant go to the store because im gonna leave in 10 days. and i cant wait to get my phone back from the store cause it takes about 2 weeks here