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    WidSets and Web Run-Time

    WidSets and Web Run-Time both execute widgets and in many ways they both provide similar end user benefits. However, there are differences.
    - WidSets is a service with a controlling server side. The widgets cannot operate or be upgraded without the server. This makes the system secure and brings an easy-to-use end user interface, but also a number of limitations for developers. WidSets is an integral part of neither the S60 nor the Series 40 platforms. WidSets is specifically designed to support the existing install base of Java enabled phones and will work on most phones that feature MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.1. That means that widgets offered via WidSets can reach 100s of millions of end users today. From a technology perspective, WidSets is closely linked to the advantages and disadvantages that are part of the JME implementation.
    - Web Run-Time is a core technology in the S60 platform from S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack II onwards. That means it is a coming technology, but one that promise some real benefits. Based on commonly known and used technologies (XHTML, CSS, AJAX, and JavaScript) there’s an almost flat learning curve for today’s web designer/developer community. It also means that the high productivity these technologies offer now can be used to develop mobile application not previous viable in “slower” technologies.
    Already today there are thousands of desktop widgets and many of these can relatively easily be ported to S60, but of course some of these are more relevant for mobile user than others. This is of course in the end up to the end users, but what are nifty small apps on the desktop could prove real time savers for the mobile phone.

    Anyone, who’s a user or author of a desktop widget, is encouraged to help create a pool of widgets you would want at your disposal while on the move.

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    Re: WidSets and Web Run-Time

    I believe once the S60 Widget SDK is out, many people will create Web applications for S60 3rd FP2.

    The challenge for as developers is how to "market" our applications. There will be hundred of similar applications out there.

    On the other side, the challenge for end users is how to find the "best" application for a particular purpose. There will be also hundred of applications serving that kind of purpose.

    Antony Pranata

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    Re: WidSets and Web Run-Time


    When we are talking about WidSets or Web Run-Tim on S60 and how to get applications to the market, we should also notice that there are need for small local/city related apps which example shows time tables and that kind of information.


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    Re: WidSets and Web Run-Time

    Please check my Widget collection on Mosh. There you will find already some local bus trackers etc.


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