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    Unhappy How do you execute the TicketingExample of the 6131sdk

    i am a beginner in nfc..
    i want to execute the ticketing example program...
    can anybody pls tell me how to execute the ticketing example available with the nokia6131 sdk..
    i am trying to follow the relese notes given in the folder, but i am not able to configure the secure cards..
    whenever i try to configure the class path of the secure card it gives an error "error: Mapping the secure card"
    pls help..
    does the application work with real card and an external omni key reader...
    if so howw..

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    Re: How do you execute the TicketingExample of the 6131sdk

    The TicketingExample included in the SDK uses two class files to simulate internal and external smart cards, so this example is not meant to work using real smart cards and external readers.

    If you want to use real smart cards placed on an external Omnikey reader, you can try the InternalSecureCardExample included in the new Nokia 6131 NFC SDK version 1.1.

    This example consists of an applet that is running in the secure element and a MIDlet that is running in the device. The MIDlet prompts the user to enter a name, and sends the name to the applet in the secure element, which replies with a greeting that is displayed to the user. You can map the secure element on the emulator to either a real Nokia 6131 device or a smart card placed in the external reader.

    Regarding the problems you are facing when trying the TicketingExample:
    The "error: Mapping the secure card" message that you are getting might be due to the fact that you are not choosing the correct class file.
    When you configure the internal smart card on the emulator, make sure you load the "TicketingExampleCards.zip" for the Classpath and the "example.cards.InnerCard" class from the drop-down list in the Class List field.

    Please let me know if this helps.
    Raluca Cindrea
    Helsinki, Finland

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