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    using front camera

    hi all

    can anybody tell me how to use front camera in 6680
    without using viewfinder
    i want to implement recording directly without using viewfinder
    via front camera

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    Re: using front camera

    I'm using back camera but you should be able to use front camera by constructing CCamera object,

    iCamera = CCamera::NewL(MCameraObserver& aObserver, TInt aCameraIndex);
    //second parameters is camera index 0= back, 1 should be front

    You can also use CCamera::CamerasAvailable() static function to check if device supports two cameras.

    After you have reserved an powered camera you have to prepare capture

    iCamera->PrepareImageCaptureL(TFormat aImageFormat, TInt aSizeIndex);
    and you are ready to capture images.

    if your only problem is that viewfinder is drawn and you are using StartViewFinderBitmapsL() then remove image drawing at ViewFinderFrameReady() function.

    if you are starting then check CameraApp example at Forum Nokia, thats best way to start developing camera applications.

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