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Thread: Certification

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    I want to use certain capabilities like MultimediaDD in my appl.
    Have read that we cant use this capability with self signing ,need certification.
    So how shld i get appl. certification for that capability.
    Can someone pls tell me the procedure of steps that i shld follow to get it done
    with out any charges

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    Re: Certification

    You might want to check www.symbiansigned.com, and read about developer certificates first.

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    Re: Certification

    You also cannot get it free unless you make your application free.

    If its free: You can use the freeware route to have your application signed for free, but you may not charge for it.

    You will need to have at a minimum an ACS Content publisher ID. $500US from Verisign, ~$250US from the new issuing authority (Can't remember the name)

    In addition you will need to pay for each Sybmian Signed submission to a test house.

    As Wizard_hu said, look at SymbianSigned.com or at the top of this forum for more help.

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