I've recently converted a 2nd ed app to run in 3rd ed.
It works fine in the emulator.

The application gathers (READ-ONLY) information about the users phone service experience, writing KPI events to a database. This can be offloaded for further analysis.

As part of the preparation for submission for a developer certificate I turned on the security/capabilities check in the emulator ('PlatSec' msgs in epocwind).

I got PlatSec warnings for my use of dll's-
APPARC, BAFL, CONE, ConnMon, Etel3rdParty, PlatformEnv, AVKON, EDBMS, EIKCOTL and EIKCORE.

In all cases the missing capability is 'TCB'

Question: What are the chances of getting TCB capability granted? Reading forums/comments would suggest not much of a chance?

My company is a small one but the product is a serious commercial offering. Any comments would be appreciated.