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    Question Could someone clarify something for me?

    I've recently converted a 2nd ed app to run in 3rd ed.
    It works fine in the emulator.

    The application gathers (READ-ONLY) information about the users phone service experience, writing KPI events to a database. This can be offloaded for further analysis.

    As part of the preparation for submission for a developer certificate I turned on the security/capabilities check in the emulator ('PlatSec' msgs in epocwind).

    I got PlatSec warnings for my use of dll's-
    APPARC, BAFL, CONE, ConnMon, Etel3rdParty, PlatformEnv, AVKON, EDBMS, EIKCOTL and EIKCORE.

    In all cases the missing capability is 'TCB'

    Question: What are the chances of getting TCB capability granted? Reading forums/comments would suggest not much of a chance?

    My company is a small one but the product is a serious commercial offering. Any comments would be appreciated.

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    Re: Could someone clarify something for me?

    Can it happen that your application runs with TCB capability? Most system libraries have no TCB capability, and it is not likely that you will get it anyway.

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    Re: Could someone clarify something for me?

    wizard hu- not really clear on what you are saying. Below is an example of one of my 10 PlatSec msgs. I interprit it as meaning that my app (psa3.exe) wouldn't install on a device without it being signed with TCB capability, ia that not the correct interpritation?

    *PlatSec* WARNING - Capability check would have failed - Can't load psa3.exe because it links to edbms.dll which has the following capabilities missing: TCB

    Could you please restate your comment?

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    Re: Could someone clarify something for me?

    You're misreading the warning.

    Your process has the TCB capability, the DLLs don't, and so can't link to any of those DLLs. The chances of any executable you write getting the TCB capability are effectively zero. There are 3 processes in the Symbian base system that have TCB, the file server, the install server and the SIS Registry server. The pool of TCB software must be kept exceedingly small to reduce the amount of code to audit.

    As you've discovered, if you have TCB you can't link to most DLLs, because they aren't audited and trusted.
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    Re: Could someone clarify something for me?

    CDAVIES Thanks for that. Seems to me the PlatSec msg is technically correct, but not very clear.

    Having had a further look I find that my projects (Carbide) Property 'Capability' is set to 'ALL'. Presumeably I should set this to 'NONE' and work up from there?

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    Re: Could someone clarify something for me?

    Yes, that's a good plan. You've already got to grips with getting the logging working, so will find out when you run the code which you need.

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