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    Newbie C++ Symbian question

    Hi All,

    I am pretty new to symbian and I downloaded the symbian c++ sdk over the weekend.

    I used the helpfiles in order to build and run the HelloWorld example in the epoch simulator.

    The first instruction was to run the following commands :

    1. bldmake bldfiles
    2. abld build

    When I ran the last abld build command I only get a message saying "nothing to do" and when I ran the command epoch next, the simulator launches but I cannot see my HelloWorld application.

    Can someone please provide some feedback as of what I might be doing wrong?

    Do I need to configure the emulator somehow so that my code is linked correctly to it?

    Any feedback is greatly appreciate,

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    Re: Newbie C++ Symbian question

    It sounds as if helloworld didn't build. When you type "abld build" it builds the default set of platforms (e.g. for hardware, emulator etc) and these may not have been set up in your bld.inf file*. Try typing abld build winscw (if you're working with a 3rd Edition SDK, or a 2nd edition using Carbide.c++ or CodeWarrior) and see if you get a bit further.

    You may want to work within Carbide.c++ at first rather than use the command line to build for you. It'll make it a bit faster, though having knowledge of how to work with the command line is definitely useful.

    * Check bld.inf to see whether there's a line that looks like
    prj_platforms winscw gcce

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