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    error in importing helloworldbasic.mmp to code warrior ide

    i have recently installed the codewarrior IDE v5.5 on my notebook. but when i try to import the helloworldbasic.mmp file into it it gives the following error

    "Failed to run makmake.
    System error: the system cannotfind the file specified."
    and then this msg:
    "the makmake tool failed to run. Project creation aborted."

    Although the file is there but i dont know why it is unable to find it!

    Now i dont know what is the problem. I have installed Active Perl v8.8 and SDK Series60m 2nd and 3rd I am also using vista! so is it some sort of compatibility issue? because all the installations seem to be successful. Please somebody help me!


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    Re: error in importing helloworldbasic.mmp to code warrior ide

    Its a Windows Vista path problem. Unfortunately program use "strange calls in perl" to find the binary paths of a executable file, then the program extracts these and uses them to make the binary path. Vista delivers the file name not the path. for s60 3rd ed fp1 you must use Active perl 5.6 not any version above this. I dont have code warrior so I cant help.
    Search for the files needed MakMake.* and add the path to Vista system path and see it it works. All work must be "run as Administrator" and install will silently fail if you dont install using Administrator.

    you must add "C:\Perl\Bin;" to your path
    Good Luck Jim

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    I encountered the same issue, but after installing recommended Active Perl and JREversion,its working fine now.

    Please refer the "Additional Requirements: " column in the CW releasenotes.

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