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Thread: Nokia T-Mouse

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    Nokia T-Mouse

    I've tried putting this idea in the wishlist of S60 but they wouldn't allow it. So I thought of just posting it here and see what you guys think about it.

    I wished phone companies like NOKIA should design the new handphones to be intergrated with wireless optical mouse - Tmouse handphones. Since the shape of some handphones are close to the PC mouse, Tmouse handphones can be used to scroll on the computer screen instead of using a regular mouse. This will eliminate the necessity of having the tradisional mouse with those tangled cables.

    What do you guys think about it...

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    Re: Nokia T-Mouse

    Cute idea but for most users, it'd be a waste of electronics (and it'd add to the cost of the device for everybody not needing a phone that does double-duty as a PC-mouse).

    Even if today's phones are all-in-1 "convergence" devices serving many functions (phone calls, communications, camera/camcorder, music player, FM radio, PIM, Internet access, games, etc.), it doesn't mean that it makes sense for everything (the phone does not have to replace all other small electronic devices).

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