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    question about images of Nokia phone

    Could anybody tell me the characteristics about Background,Animations,Themes,ScreenSaver and operation logo of Nokia7650,6610,and 7210, such as image size,format,colors. Or pls tell me where shall I find the documents?

    I have searched Nokia WAP Phone Characteristics version 1.6, but only got some info like screen size,screen area reserved for the content.
    I wanna know the details for image development.

    And I got some info from this discussion board, but still not enough.

    Thanks you, your help is very appreciated.

    Best Regards

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    RE: question about images of Nokia phone


    "Nokia Messaging Characteristics" -document includes information about supported content types in different Nokia terminals, http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/1,35452,1_2_7_1,00.html -> Technical. There will be a new version of it available next week.

    Wallpaper sizes for different Nokia terminals can be found from http://nkn.forum.nokia.com/devrel/threadshow.cfm?mb=8429589032136859&msg=8614195701982631&page=1.

    Best regards,
    V / Forum Nokia

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