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    RE: MBM File Pictures

    I'm trying to create mbm files. I know all steps but not sure about where finding pictures. I look high and low for the answers. So i didn't find anything.

    So my question is where can i find pictures to create mbm files?

    Whether issit

    (A) Random pictures
    (B) Find pictures for that file. (How to find or extract? Pls specify: ______)
    (C) A white piece of drawing
    (D) If others, pls specify: ____________________________________

    Pls answer only related to this topic. No off topic questions or i'll trash u into the rubbish bin.

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    Re: MBM File Pictures

    The best pictures ever are located in c:\windows. For example "Prairie Wind.bmp" is really cool, but I also find "Soap Bubbles.bmp" very exciting in particular.

    You can create .mbm files from any .bmp file. And all image files (.jpg, .png, .gif, .tif, etc.) can be converted to .bmp files (many free tools are capable of doing this conversion, personally I prefer IrfanView).

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    Re: MBM File Pictures

    surprisedisco: You are my new hero! :)
    Mobile Sputnik: http://ptrmobile.blogspot.com/

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    Re: MBM File Pictures

    Chay so it's any picture la?

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