I'm preparing to apply for a developer certificate and as part of that have been running the emulator with 'epocwind' logging to gather information on what the Capability requirements of my app are.

I initially had many Platsec warnings as my app (in Carbide) capability was set to 'ALL'.

I reduced this to NONE and re-ran the app on the emulator.

With 'Perform capability checks' OFF, epocwind does not now contain any PlatSec warnings. Turning ''Perform capability checks' ON my app also starts normally (I remembered to stop/start the emulator in between changes).

What I'm unclear on is this. Prior to running the diags I created a list of the resources I was #including and noted their capabilties as defined in 'Symbian OS Library 9.2' and 'S60 3rd Ed API reference'. One of these 'rconnmon.h' clearly states capability requirements 'ReadDeviceData, ReadUserData, NetworkServices'. Why doesn't this produce a PlatSec warning when I run my app if the project capability in Carbide is set to NONE?