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    Unhappy Phone software is outdated


    Now with the entry of Nokia SDK 1.1 it has been a great boon for using all the related APIs of Mifare Standard .
    Thanks a lot to Nokia for releasing it.

    But there is another problem cropped up i.e. the mobile does not support the Mifare Standard APIs.

    My phone's software version is 03.12 , but the required version claims to be 5.10 .

    Where do i get the latest software???

    So what do i do to have these Midlets running on my mobile

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    Re: Phone software is outdated

    Same problem for me (I already pointed this here: http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=111306 )

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    Re: Phone software is outdated

    Try: http://www.nokia.com/softwareupdate

    If the phone model is not supported there, then your nearest Nokia service/repair center: http://www.nokia.com/repair

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    Re: Phone software is outdated


    Is there a new firmware > V 03.12 available?


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