I am trying to write an application which read a tag data and search for some relevant information (News in my case). I am using 6131 nfc sdk 1.0 and I have 6131 nokia cell-phone. My problem is I can't manage to have the application launched after touching the tag.
Here is my pushRegistry info:

String pushEntry = "ndef:rtd?name=urn:nfc:wkt:RFID_TAG";
}catch (Exception e)
System.out.println("Ooopst! Exception by register connection: "+e.getMessage());

I am using innovision NFC Forum Type 1 tags (Which are empty as long as I know). I also bookmarked some of them with a fake internet address.
For my purpose, I will be even happy if I can launch my application with any tags (which means all the tags I have for my demo), and at the same time (after launching the app) read the tag-ID so that I can decide what to do afterwards. Can anybody tell me what to put in PushRegistry as Connection-URL? (I guess the filter should right)