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Thread: NDEF and Mifare

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    NDEF and Mifare


    Sorry if this is a common question.

    I'm trying to parse NDEF information from a Mifare 1k tag written by a 6131. I have isolated the sectors (using the MAD) and am now trying to analyse the NDEF in the sectors. The problem is that before the NDEF information there seems to be two extra bytes. 0x03 and a number dependant on the length of the NDEF information. I have searched the MAD and NDEF specs for information regarding these two bytes but cannot find any.

    Can anyone explain where these extra bytes are specified?


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    Re: NDEF and Mifare

    Hi Connell,

    I'm not a wizard in manipulation of NFC programing, but looking at some NFC sample programs I presume that this lib would help.


    Good luck


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