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    How to use NMIL4.1

    I've downlod the NMIL4.1,NBMS4.0,NGWS4.0, 7210 SDK,3510i SDK,and install all of them.
    I can't use NMIL to create or open WML 1.3, XHTML-MP, XHTML-MP-CHTML, though I can use it to create WMLS, CSS etc.

    When I try to use "file - new" to create a WML, nothing happen.

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    Re: How to use NMIL4.1

    I have exactly the same problem. I am trying to edit wml files and when I choose to open an existing one or even create a new one absolutely nothing happens. This is infurating. Any ideas? As previsouly mentioned CSS files seem to work fine.

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