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    GPS-Tracking module

    I am actually developing(evaluating) a solution for container/goods tracking.

    For that I need a (hw)module which can send its current GPS-Position via SMS to a defined location.
    There will be no external Power-Source, so I have to find a product with low electric power consumption (no Handy).
    The module shall only have an interface for programming purposes.

    Is there a solution for that here?
    If yes, how much are the costs/module?

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    Re: GPS-Tracking module

    Hi, i think the easier you can do is taking an old or newer symbian nokia and a GPS BT module [an old 6600 costs about 70€ and a brand new GPS bluetooth module about 80€ or less]. Make a program that sends via SMS the location info to another phone or PC. I am trying to make something similar and i am in the early code-writing stage, if someone can help about the program that takes the location info and sends it to another cell-phone, it will be very helpful!


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    Re: GPS-Tracking module

    Hello Tracking hardware to point to any IP and TCP or UDP port is easy to find. Even with a huge battery. sample www.trailtrac.com or www.trimtrac.com.

    We are now only a few weeks away to realease a live tracking application for Symbian 60.3 and internal gps.

    Would you like to test, send me an e mail.

    Kind regards
    Morten Karlsen
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    Morten Karlsen
    Qurius Marketing - 3dtracking Scandinavia
    Free service is http://free.3dtracking.net

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