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    Unhappy Low level video encoding access available?

    Hi everyone,

    Is it possible to do memory buffered video encoding with Series 60 phones? As far as I know, only direct-to-file encoding is possible, or at least there are no examples available.

    I asking this in the context of new open source project Movino (www.movino.org) which provides live video stream client for Series 60. Because there is no FPU available, the video encoding process is more and less cumbersome. Getting access to the native video encoding API would make this project one of the future stars of Symbian application sky.

    Mikko Ohtamaa
    Oulu, Finland

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    Re: Low level video encoding access available?

    It is possible, however you should be some kind of friends with Nokia (Launchpad/Pro, I am not sure). The built-in encoder chain contains a hard-coded KErrNotSupported, if you are trying to pass a Sink that is not a File Sink.
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