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    Rsc file for CAknGlobalNote ?

    I try to use CAknGlobalNote from dll (from Notifier).
    The programm isn't responding after call ::NewL().
    I think i must to load resource file for it.
    Is anybody knowns what rsc file for CAknGlobalNote required?

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    RE: Rsc file for CAknGlobalNote ?


    I don't understand what you meant to use CAknGlobalNote from dll?
    It is very straight forward to use the class, all you have to do is to add this line into your .mmp file,
    LIBRARY aknnotify.lib
    then implement this:

    #include <aknglobalnote.h>

    CAknGlobalNote* note;
    note = CAknGlobalNote::NewL();
    note->ShowNoteL(EAknGlobalInformationNote, _L("Message&quot);
    delete note;

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