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    General design questions reading emails


    I need to process emails received on a terminal in either of two ways:
    1. Programmatically reading an incoming email using java before it is stored on the local storage of the default mail client.
    2. Programmatically reading emails from the local storage of the default mail client.

    Is that possible? If so how??

    You may ask: why does this guy (me) need to read emails from a program when email are ultimately meant to be read by human being and not only computers?
    Answer: because I am currently designing an application with stringent technical requirements that are as follows: we, the programmers need to submit information to our project manager using exclusively emails (we can't afford to send sms or open a firewall port) and the app running on my boss device will need to process the info and act accordingly.

    Any clue welcome,


    I use the nokia 6300 for dev purposes.

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    Re: General design questions reading emails

    1. Nope.
    2. could be possible, although it depends where the mails are stored (and in which format). You might not have access to that directory from your MIDlet. Unfortunately I do not remember where the built-in mail application stores the email on Series 40 phones. Somebody else could chip in..anyone..anyone..?


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