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Thread: PHN-01 Failed

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    PHN-01 Failed

    Hi all,
    i have developed an applciation in s60 3'rd edition phone. While testing in symbian signing test tool in nokia E50 the test failed in PHN-01. The main parts the test falied are in

    FAIL Alarm notification is visible.
    FAIL Call notification is visible.
    FAIL Charging dialog becomes visible.

    But these events were visible while going through the test. I was able to see the alarm notification, call notification ad Charging dialog.
    What could be wrong behind this. How can i resolve this issue,

    thanks in advance,

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    Re: PHN-01 Failed

    You should trust your eyes more than a tool.
    I had the same thing with our app but we got signed without problems. I have no idea why this tool says that the test failed.

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    Re: PHN-01 Failed

    hi Carmen,
    Thanks for your guidence. I have stuck with this issue for two days.. Also did you find any tool other than symbian signing tool kit for testing the application in 3'rd edition like memory test tool etc.. If yes please forward the information.

    Thanks a lot,

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