I synch my E61 with Outlook (on a windows XP PC) but have problems: ca. 800 out of 3200 contact entries in outlook are NOT synched and reported as problems.

Cleaning my Outlook PST file, resetting my E61, and a new install of Nokia Suite (in its newest version, as downloaded yesterday) were not effective in solving the problem. I de-installed existing Palm synch software. No systematic pattern seems to rule the synch/non-synch decision.

Also, quite regularly, the Contact folder in my E61 is not accessible, and I have to reboot it.

A second, yet probably not related problem is when during a call, a second call comes in, and most often, my Nokia E61 just freezes, and it is not possible to switch it off, instead I have to take out the battery, and boot again.

Many thanks for any hints