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    Debugging application launch problem on-device?

    I've built and tested a fairly simple application on the emulator and now I'm trying to test it on a Nokia E70 handset. When I install the application manually, it appears in my installed apps folder but I cannot launch the app. (Nothing happens when I select the app and "Open")

    I am able to install the application using the Carbide.c++ auto-install and launch facility (via App TRK running on the device, and USB). However, launching does not work. (Carbide reports a vague error that possibly some dependency of the application is not being met.)

    How can I debug this problem? Can I get debugger / console output somehow while the app is launching on the device, to find out why the app will not launch ?

    Thanks for any help-- I'm stuck!

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    Re: Debugging application launch problem on-device?

    There might be a hidden error message. Check http://www.forum.nokia.com/document/...r_messages.htm if it helps revealing it.

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    Re: Debugging application launch problem on-device?

    Thanks for the tip!

    Finally figured out that the problem was a dependency on a DLL that was being installed to the wrong location (other than /sys/bin) . Once the DLL was installed to /sys/bin, the application launched OK.

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