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    Request for manufacturer capability (NetworkControl)


    I send a request form for manufacturer capability (NetworkControl) to nokia.testing@nokia.com on 19th June 2007. I did not have any response at all on this e-mail. I now just resend the same request, but I am not so confident they will respond.

    1. Is there an computer system servicing the e-mail coming in at nokia.testing@nokia.com? Or are the request processed manually? Is it normal that response time are that long?

    2. Is possible to contact someone in Nokia and ask for the status?


    Rene Heuven
    Rene Heuven
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    Re: Request for manufacturer capability (NetworkControl)

    the problem is propably two-folded, June-July lots of people are on vacation, thus responce times might be longer than normally. Also Symbian signed is having huge porblems at the moment on their processing of certificates, thus there will be delays in there as well.

    Anyway over two weeks sounds pretty bad, I would basically send a new query and tryu again.

    For normal developer certificates, I have now been waiting onew for 6 days already..


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