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    Question NOKIA 6265 ON 3rd Edition

    Good Morning Everybody

    somebody knwos as I can update to 5th edition my platform since I want to play games in 3d and it throws the following error to me "NO CLASS DEF FOUND ERROR JAVA/LANG/NOCLASSDEFFOUNDERROR: COM/MASCOTCAPSULE/MICRO3D/V3/UNTIL3D" and I imagine that is by the edition of the platform i'm so tired cause in anyplace could find some software or program that can help me.

    for some awnser thanks

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    Re: NOKIA 6265 ON 3rd Edition

    I already asnwered in another thread: updating the edition and/or feature pack is not possible.

    Mascotcapsule is a 3rd party library which is not available on Nokia devices So even the 5th edition phones do not support this game.


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