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    Newbie::How do I deploy my application


    I'm completely new to mobile application development, but i thought i would have a go at developing an application for my mobile phone. I have installed eclipse and built the touristroute example and tested it on the series60 emulator. But how do i deploy the application to my mobile phone?

    I have a nokia n95 on vodafone, what files do I need to copy to the phone, and how do i copy them to the phone? If anyone could help me out with theses basics, it would be much appreciated.


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    Re: Newbie::How do I deploy my application

    You can just create the .jar and use Nokia PC Suite and its Application Installer to install it (or just copy the .jar file to a location the File Manager or Application Manager on the phone can see, and install through them).

    Of course, you can also put the .jar on a web or WAP server and install it using the phone's browser.

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