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    what phone supports amms.control.camera?

    I am trying to make an application which requires taking photos at a close range of text etc. I bought the n73 for this purpose as it has a good macro mode and autofocus. But as I discovered, you cannot access these features within a java application so the images I get are really blurry.

    I was thinking of getting the n95 but I don't think it fully supports jsr 234 (amms) either. Are there any phones which would be good for this application?

    Or is there any way I can get clear up close photos from within a java application?


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    Re: what phone supports amms.control.camera?

    AFAIK, the current Nokia phones does not support all AMMS optional packages. Here is the list of supported Packages http://www.forum.nokia.com/document/...4FB5D741B.html


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