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    Problem With SMS.

    I Registered on this forum to try and sort out the problem I am having. I Recently puchased a Nokia 3250. If i try to send a message it says that it is unable to send. This may be because i need the message centre number etc. Now when i try to open up to write a new text i am unable to open the application the following message appears:

    'App. closed: Standby mode'

    I Have tried switching active Standby Mode off or on and this has had no effect and have also held in the 'Menu Button' to open up the tasks that are present and when i try to close the task 'Standby' it does not close.

    I Would appreciate if anyone could help me with this problem or Point me in the right direction.

    I apologise for the inconvienence of posting this a duplicate times. This is because i posted it in a different section and realised it would be more relevant here. When it came to deleting the topic it said i was unable to do so.


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    Re: Problem With SMS.

    This is not an end-user forum (better place to ask this would be for example http://discussions.europe.nokia.com).

    However, a couple of suggestions

    Try to remove the battery for a minute or so and reboot the phone.

    If you do not have important information on your phone (or if you are able to backup that data) you could also try to restore the factory settings using the star-hash codes


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