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    s40 theme studio - 1.2 vs. 2.2

    Is there a handset to sdk version matrix for building s40 themes. I recently built a theme for the 6330 using sdk v2.2 and the handset would not recognize the the theme (although both sdk's save to an .nth file). I then rebuilt the theme using v1.2 and all was well. I need access to a quick and easy doc that specifies which sdk to use with which handset.

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    Re: s40 theme studio - 1.2 vs. 2.2

    Please go through the Nokia Series 40 Theme Studio page http://www.forum.nokia.com/info/sw.n...me_Studio.html
    There are a list of devices that support Nokia Series 40 Theme Studio 1.2 Along with that please go through Nokia Series 40 Theme Studio 1.2 and Nokia Series 40 Theme Studio 2.2 Handset Guidelines documents available in that page.

    Hope this helps!


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