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Thread: Wap Website

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    Wap Website

    HI all,

    I have started workin on my wapsite and one of my hiccups i face is audio.

    How to add audio to a wapsite (like a music file) that can be played iin reasonable number of mobile devices (Nokia , Samsung).


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    Re: Wap Website

    did i post my question in the right forum

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    Re: Wap Website

    Don't add audio to a wapsite, if you want to use a background sound (I don't know about others, but I hate web sites that do, and with WAP it also costs more money for the user browsing the site; allthough, if my memory serves me right, there's no background sound support in WML/WAP 1.*, at least).

    If you want to provide downloadable audio clips, then AMR is a format that probably most (if not all modern) phones support.

    Anyway, on the server, you can use the "Accept" HTTP header to determine what formats the browser supports.

    Note also the differences with WAP 1.* (WML) vs. WAP 2 (xHTML-MP) when you develop your site, if you want to support the widest set of devices.

    WAP specs you can find here:

    See also:

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