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    How to change the default theme background

    Hi to all,

    I m working on S60 2nd edition FP2.
    In my application, I used three types of views.In views, i used the grid.
    Actually, the nokia default theme or which user selected as theme on his mobile is displayed as background image for my application.

    I wolud like to change this image to my application image like snakes game in 6600.
    Is ther any other possiblities to set my own image as background for all views.(Including status pane n control pane).

    I tried with grid SetBackground , but its not working and also its only for to change the grid color.

    Can u anybody help me out?

    Thanks in Advance!!!


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    Re: How to change the default theme background

    Hi all,

    I am faching the same problem. My code works for S60 3rd edition but i am trying for S60 2nd Edition. Please tell what API or what i have to do to change the background wallpaper.

    With regards,
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