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    Please can any one help me with this problem?

    Hi all
    I have downloaded many games but I can't setup it on the mobile phone by the Bluetooth because it seems like jave program and the his path jar for that how I can setup it on my mobile
    Note: I unrar it but I can't use it too

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    Re: Please can any one help me with this problem?

    Which phone are you talking about? Are you using PC suite for installation or do you transfer the files directly form the FileManager?

    you do not need unrar for installing a MIDlet


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    Re: Please can any one help me with this problem?

    Hi thefaster999! Welcome to Nokia Developer discussion Boards!! :)

    Just add what Hartti suggested : You can install the following file types depending on the phone model:SIS, SISX, JAD and JAR files. Please refer your handset user guide to see what application types an be installed on your phone.

    If you want to install an application that uses .JAD and .JAR files, both files must be saved in the same folder on your PC before you begin the installation. When installing the application via Nokia Application Installer, you only need to download the .JAR file, which then finds the .JAD file automatically if the two have been saved in the same folder.

    To install an application in the phone using Nokia Application Installer
    Connect your phone to the PC.

    Open Nokia Application Installer.
    Select the application you want to install by browsing in the My Computer list to the folder where you have saved the .JAD and .JAR, .SIS or .SISX file.

    From the drop-down list under My Phone, select whether you want to install the application in the phone memory or memory card. Note that these options are not available for all phone models.

    Install the application by: Double-clicking the application name Clicking the green Install arrow, or Selecting My Computer -> Install from the menu. You can cancel an ongoing operation by clicking the Cancel button. On the status bar, you can see when the installation is completed.

    To install an application in the phone using Windows Explorer

    Connect your phone to the PC. Open Windows Explorer. Double-click a .JAR, .SIS or .SISX file you want to install to your phone. Confirm the installation on the PC screen. If your phone uses the Symbian operating system, finish the installation on the phone.

    Note that installation is cancelled if the file size is too big for the connected phone or if there is not enough space available. For more information on how to use the applications in the phone, refer to the phone's user guide.

    To find troubleshooting information on Nokia PC Suite, go to www.nokia.com/pcsuite > Support > FAQ Search.

    REF: Nokia PC suite Help Topics.


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