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    Problem with internal Mifare Tag Connection


    I'm using the SDK 1.1 and a real Nokia 6131.
    I found a problem when i try to access the internal mifare tag :

    Here is an extract of my appli code :

    import com.nokia.nfc.nxp.mfstd.*;
    import com.nokia.nfc.nxp.mfstd.MFStandardConnection;
    MFStandardConnection conn = (MFStandardConnection) Connector.open(System.getProperty("internal.mf.url"));
    With the SDK, compile ok, run ok.
    With the Device, run failed with SecurityException.
    With the Device + midlet signed with a valid certificate issued by Thawte (MIDlet-Permissions: javax.microedition.io.Connector.rf) run failed with "No Class Def Found Error com/nokia/nfc/nxp/mfstd/MFStandardConnection"

    Checking the Nokia_6131_NFC_SDK_1_1/docs/nfc_ext/index.html, it is said that the interface name of com.nokia.nfc.nxp.mfstd is MifareStdConnection.

    Do you know something about this problem ?
    Maybe the interface name in the Device is MifareStdConnection and not MFStandardConnection ? If this is true, how can i compile my midlet with MifareStdConnection as it fails currently with "symbol not found" ?

    Thanks for your support.

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    Re: Problem with internal Mifare Tag Connection

    I found something interesting, while reading all the docs.
    It seems that the mifare api was packaged under com.philips.rf.MifareStdConnection in the real device.

    When i use this code :

    Class conn = Class.forName("com.philips.rf.MifareStdConnection");
    if(conn.isInterface()) screen.append(conn.getName() + " OK"  + "\n");
    else screen.append(conn.getName() + " NOK"  + "\n");
    it fails in the emulator BUT works on the real device (display com.philips.rf.MifareStdConnection OK)
    which can mean that the mifare API is really in the phone (SW version 3.12).

    So the problem is : how to map com.nokia.nfc.nxp.mfstd.MFStandardConnection to com.philips.rf.MifareStdConnection ?

    Without the reflex package, my knowledge in j2me stops here and i don't know how to get this next line working :
    conn = Connector.open(System.getProperty("internal.mf.url"));
    I think there must be a way to dynamically cast this object like
    (com.philips.rf.MifareStdConnection) conn = (com.philips.rf.MifareStdConnection) Connector.open(System.getProperty("internal.mf.url"));
    Any guru here ?

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