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    Exclamation SIP registration Fails on N95

    Hello dear friends,

    Congratulations for keeping this forum clean and full of info.

    I would please ask for some help but if possible in a language that I would understand as I am not that familiar with SIP terminology.

    I am a customer of i-call.gr (Greece) which provides incoming tel numbers to its clients. I have been trying to setup the settings for it on my Nokia N95 but can't do anything. I have tried using fring to but when calling I cant hear anything, the other part though can.

    I would be more interested to know that setup can be done directly to my phones sip client instead of using some third party.

    The problem is that I have played a lot with it but not making it register.
    My provider requires stun setup etc which cannot be done from the sip settings of the Nokia N95.
    I am copying the url of the help section of my provider so that someone could help me. If this is against the rules I am deeply apologizing.


    I would please ask you to have a look at the settings my provider requires and maybe give me an idea of what should I do.

    Thank you very much in advance!

    Michail Kouvaris

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    Re: SIP registration Fails on N95

    I think it would be easiest if you would ask your service provider to contact Forum Nokia who could create a VoIP service provider specific settings SISX package (like the Gizmo SISX file that you can find available through Downloads!) that they could distribute from their web site.

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