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    N95 GPS with Python

    Second post today,

    I wish to play with N95 GPS but python doesn't provide any in built API functions by which we can access NMEA sentences of in built GPS of N95.. any guesses >>

    I have already developed codes using external GPS but now I wish to use Nokia N95 GPS

    Is there anyway to run with it?

    ||Kiran ||
    Nokia E-65
    Nokia 7610
    Nokia N95 8GB
    Nokia E90
    Nokia 5110 !!
    Nokia 6110i !!

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    Re: N95 GPS with Python

    Hum, did you read some other posts ?
    There is a Python API to gps and many modules that do it better than the Nokia version :

    If you want to access the NMEA sentence you'll have to do some C++... I think there is a method to get it.
    Christophe Berger

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