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    unusual java.lang.SecurityException

    Hi all,

    I have recently encountered an unusual exception message. To be exact, the exception is :"java.lang.SecurityException: Required permission does not exist. Check JSI implementation"

    This exception was encountered when I tried to call "video.getSnapshot()" after acquiring the camera from my demo phone.

    Is there someone who can explain what exactly is wrong?

    thanks alot in advance.


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    Re: unusual java.lang.SecurityException

    As the API docs say java.lang.SecurityException is thrown if the caller does not have the security permission to take the snapshot. Is your application signed? In which phone are you trying? Does your phone asks any security permission message? If so please allow that message request.


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    Re: unusual java.lang.SecurityException

    Which phone are you using? Is it a branded phone for an operator?
    What permissions are you requesting in the JAD file?


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