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    Midlet for storing tickets in secure element.Implementation doubts

    Hi NF team,
    I have some doubts about how really can I use the secure element memory.
    I am developing a ticketing midlet suite that stores tickets in the secure element and I have some doubts about how can I really do that.
    My idea was to store t the tickets' codes (i.e. the information that really grant the access to the event) in the secure element.Is that a good idea or can i use better the secure element?
    My doubt is:
    It is better to store this code in the internal Mifare tag and so get a MFStandard connection with it or in the internal secure card and so get a ISO14443 Connection and develop a JavaCard applet for the card to answer to my midlets' APDU commands?
    I hope I have been clear enough, Thanks in advance for your reply!
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    Re: Midlet for storing tickets in secure element.Implementation doubts


    I am new to NFC Development.

    I want to develop a Midlet which stores the ticketing info. in the internal secure element. ( Pls. confirm whether we have internal secure element in the Nokia 6131 NFC)

    When i show the mobile to the external reader, it reads from the internal secure element and sends the same info. to the PC connected for further verification.

    Pls. Confirm whether the above process is correct.

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