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Thread: Symbian Signing

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    Symbian Signing

    I have tested my application using 'atl_s60_3rd_1_2_0_signed'. It has passed the 13 test cases out of 14.One test cases is failed i.e of PHN - 01.Plz tel me will it get the Symbian Sign?


    Ajit Choudhari:

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    Re: Symbian Signing

    It depends. Does your code meet any of the exception conditions? The idea of the criteria is that they should be passed. Read PHN-01 in full and determine if your code can be modified to better handle interruption. If not, you can always submit...but prepare to request a waiver if necessary.

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    Re: Symbian Signing

    I've found that ATL usually erroneously reports PHN-01 as failing. For example, it will say the alarm notification failed when I have seen the alarm panel myself. I think the problem is that ATL doesn't always recognise the alert panels.

    If you watched ATL run you probably know that most those tests did pass. They are all easy to repeat so try them yourself.

    On some phones there can be issues with some of these test if you have an active data connection, but I think test centres understand these.

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