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    Http Digest Authentication in S60 2rd edition

    Hi, guys!
    I want to get user data from the GPRS networking using HTTP protocol. But the server request the authentication using digest.

    I looked up in the Symbian SDK documentation and found the "MHTTPAuthenticationCallback" may do this work.

    I inherented the class and implemented the GetCredentialsL function. But when i send the "GET" operation to the server, the server give a response of "401" message, but the program don't do nothing and GetCredentialsL method is also not called.

    So i want someone give some suggestions or why it doesn't work.
    Thanks in advance!
    My code snippet is followed below:
    void CHttpHandler::ConstructL()
    void CHttpHandler::SendGetL( const TDesC8& aURI, const TDesC8& aETag)
    	TUriParser8 uriParser;
    	uriParser.Parse( aURI);
    	RStringF getMethod = iSession.StringPool().StringF(HTTP::EGET, RHTTPSession::GetTable());
    	iTransaction = iSession.OpenTransactionL( uriParser, *this, getMethod);
    	RHTTPHeaders hdr = iTransaction.Request().GetHeaderCollection();
    	if ( aETag != KNullDesC8)
    		SetHeaderL( hdr, HTTP::EIfMatch, aETag);
    	SetHeaderL( hdr, KXCAPIden, iUserUri);
    TBool CHttpHandler::GetCredentialsL( const TUriC8& aURI, RString aRealm, RStringF aAuthenticationType, RString& aUsername, RString& aPassword)
    	TBuf<KURIBufferSize> authType;
    	TBuf<KURIBufferSize> uri;
    	TBuf<KDefaultBufferSize> authText;
    	_LIT(KAuthRequired, "%S requires %S authentication.");
    	authText.Format(KAuthRequired, &uri, &authType);
    	_LIT(KAuthNote, "Authentication required.");
    	RLog::Log( KAuthNote );
    	TBuf8<KDefaultBufferSize> userName;
    	TBuf8<KDefaultBufferSize> password;
    	_LIT8(KUserName, "sip:user7@example.com");
    	_LIT8(KPswd, "123");
    	userName = KUserName();
    	password = KPswd();
    	TBuf8<KDefaultBufferSize> temp;
    	TRAPD(err, aUsername = aRealm.Pool().OpenStringL(temp));
    	if (!err)
    		TRAP(err, aPassword = aRealm.Pool().OpenStringL(temp));
    		if (!err)
    			return ETrue;
    	return EFalse;

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    Re: Http Digest Authentication in S60 2rd edition

    Hello my name is shravan.Iam also symbian beginner in developing. Actually iam struck with How to implement startonBoot code and launch a dialog for pw at the startup ie when mobile gets switched on?

    can u send me the code or try to help me in any way.
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