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    Thumbs down N95 V12.0.013 SUPL Problem

    I am making some tests with this new Firmware upgraded N95 with the SUPL Server i 've written.
    First of all it is funny that i see a strange encoded SUPL INIT message in my server's log when i press 'View Satellite Info' when 'maps' application is running.

    I am absolutly expecting a SUPL START message and when i encounter a SUPL INIT message i got shocked..really shocked..the implementation on nokia n95 isn't based on the spec OMA-AD-SUPL-V1_0-20070122-C.pdf.
    Here is the server.log:
    Incoming Byte Array of Message in HEX is:16030000 45010000 40
    Incoming Message in ULP PDU is: value ULP-PDU ::= {
    length 5635,
    version {
    maj 0,
    min 0,
    servind 69
    sessionID {},
    message msSUPLINIT : {
    posMethod agpsSETassisted,
    notification {
    notificationType notificationAndVerficationAllowedNA
    sLPMode proxy

    First of all the message that stems from a mobile application must be a SUPL START message.but it iS NOT!...

    an length field of the SUPL INIT message is wrong.and the sessionID is null..



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    Re: N95 V12.0.013 SUPL Problem

    I recognize this very clearly. The reason it is appearing as a msSUPLINIT is just by pure luck. You cannot decode the PDU properly because it is encrypted. Seems to be the default on this handset and whether or not it can be reconfigured I don't know.

    I had this same problem myself. Notice the following:

    ULPLength is being decoded as 5635. msSUPLSTART PDUs I have decoded from this phone and others are usually a length < 50 also this length is probably not sensible compared to the number of octets you actually read off the wire. Also, when I made this mistake I was frequently getting ULPLength ~5000. The Ericsson handsets also use the secured version of ULP where as other handsets don't.

    ULPVersion is being decoded as maj 0, min, 0, service indicator 69. Clearly thats garbage. The spec is clear that it should be 1 0 0.

    So it's just luck that the choice bits are turning up 0 for the ULPMessage and hence why it appears as msSUPLINIT. Obviously you would not be receiving a msSUPLINIT at the MPC anyway.

    Anyway, hope that it helps.


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    Re: N95 V12.0.013 SUPL Problem

    Hello Guys,

    You seems to have got some results. I am just starting to test SUPL on Naviagtor and N95. Do you know what all settings I need to modify to start SUPL session.
    Let me see if I get SUPL START or SUPL INIT.

    1) SUPL server: supl.nokia.com
    2) How do I get TLS Certificates?
    3) How do I initiate a session so that it doesnot initiate a control plane session.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: N95 V12.0.013 SUPL Problem

    You have not established a TLS session, the data you are seeing is a TLS Client Hello.

    I am trying to do the same thing, I am writing a supl server, pouring over the GSM bootstrapping docs, as well as the OMA V1.0 Supl docs. Im stuck at the PSK-TLS and/or TLS step.

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    Re: N95 V12.0.013 SUPL Problem


    I am trying to implement supl server so that a mobile phone with AGPS can access my server and tell me its location. I am actually using NOkia 5800 Xpress Music cell phone to test. Can anybody tell me, what message does the cell phone send to the server when we start the AGPS session. Why I am asking this is to know, which protocol the cell phone uses to communicate to server. If we go through the SUPL specification of OMA, it has many protocols such as proxy, non proxy etc and various handshake signals happen depending on the cellphone. Can anybody tell me how to collect the data that is being sent by the nokia cellphone?


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