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    Atl aborting the recording.


    I m testing a application on E61.While I start the testing of the application using ATL ,as a process i record 7/8 moves of application and proceed further ,it displays the message that the 'Testing aborted ,application closed by the user' while I have'nt closded the application when the recording is in process.But if i record only 2/3 steps it completes the testing successfully.Plz let me know why it happens?

    Ajit Choudhari
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    Re: Atl aborting the recording.

    ATL is not the most stable tool out there and we actually don't have any choices either.
    I myself had some issues with ATL as well and had posted the same on the Symbian forums as well but no proper solution was ever provided.
    Chk this thread : http://developer.symbian.com/forum/t...D=58296&#58296
    So just bear with the 'free' tool as of now.
    Also it would be good idea to post these issues on the Symbian forums so that the actual makers of the tools get the feedback.

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