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    6110 Navigator; A2DP?

    Can someone explain this please:

    - Under "bluetooth profiles" 6110 does not have A2DP

    - Under "local connectivity" 6110 has "Bluetooth stereo audio"

    - Under "bluetooth profiles" 6120 does have A2DP

    - Under "local connectivity" 6120 does not have "Bluetooth stereo audio"

    Also, i know a guy who has listened to stereo music using his 6110 (and i'm pretty sure without MSI blueplayer or similar software).

    So what is this stereo bluetooth audio, if it's not A2DP?

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    Re: 6110 Navigator; A2DP?

    Hi maybe its had a firmware upgrade!.
    see http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...ad.php?t=72613
    Good Luck

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