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    GPS data in JPEG EXIF


    I found this thread that claims that GPS data isn't inserted to JPEG images' EXIF data when taken on an N95: http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=105291

    Is this verified? If so, is there any way to activate such a feature if it was implemented but disabled by default?

    If this feature isn't supported by the N95, is there any other Nokia device with a camera and GPS that does embed GPS data in JPEG EXIF data? If not, is such a feature going to appear on upcoming phones? This would be very useful. Consider, for example, flickr's map, that displays GeoTagged images: http://flickr.com/map

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    Re: GPS data in JPEG EXIF

    There is no such feature as far as I'm aware. It would be trivial to write a bit of software to do it though, it'd be about 100 lines of code. I don't know if python has an interface to RFs::Notify, but if it does then you could prototype it in about 10 minutes.
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    Re: GPS data in JPEG EXIF

    ShoZu claims to do GPS-tagging. Haven't tried it myself:

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    Re: GPS data in JPEG EXIF

    Yeah, currently Shozu is the only way I know to do geotagging, but even then Shozu doesn't modify EXIF data. Instead, it just adds the geo information as a tag when it uploads the image directly to Flickr. Then Flickr interprets the tag and plots it on a map. If you copy the images directly from the N95 to your PC, then there won't be an geolocation included.

    I wrote this up a while ago if you want more links and details,

    Once it's in Flickr, then you can export it as a GeoRSS feed and import it into a variety of other formats (Google Maps, Nokia Maps, etc) so there might be a way to easily add the EXIF data that way, but that seems a little convoluted.

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    Arrow Re: GPS data in JPEG EXIF

    This isn't specifically for Nokia phones, but an interesting article with code from MSDN magazine, April 2007:

    Geopegging article on MSDN

    Geopegging code sample for Windows

    Hope that helps.

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