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    How to bill using SIP in VoIP

    Now I am developing a VoIP project and the sip engine comes from the SIPExample in SDK.The bye message sended by the method SendByeL() in class CSIPInviteDialogAssoc doesn't pass through SIP Server ,so I couldnot bill and want to know how to route the bye message through the sip server.

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    Re: How to bill using SIP in VoIP

    If you're relying on _anything_ the client does for the purposes of billing, you're insane, unless you know something I don't about trusted computing in phones.

    The client is outside your security domain, and so is inherently untrustworthy. If you need to do billing, you need something inside your security perimeter with proper audit trails. Stateful packet inspection at the wireless bridge would be a good example.
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