I downloaded the new Series 60 Concept SDK and although was extremely pleased to find that some bugs in the original S60 SDK have been fixed (Sound, Transparency etc etc)! However - there is a new problem - the available memory is limited to 1mb!

While I understand that this is the intended avail memory on a 3650 - this is not the case for the 7650 - or for an expanded 3650 or any other Series 60 device (like 7650 with 6 MB) with more memory. The game I am currently making works fine on the real 7650, the older Series 60 SDK - but due to this memory limit I cannot run my application properly (the avail memory reported from the runtime.freeMemory() approaches 0 and the app freezes).

I have tried to modify the "system.jam_space:" setting \\lib\internal.config file to 2000000 - thinking this may fix the problem - however it seems to have no effect on the emulator.

I have printed out the free memory from the first line of the MIDlet class - and it starts with only 400k remaining! (and always reports 1mb as total memory). I noticed a similar issue with the original S60 emulator (the amount of used memory reported was much larger then running it on the real device) - but as it allowed more memory it was not an issue (tested up to about 1.25mb).

So - please Nokia help - and please reply! I am close to finishing my game - and was really, really hoping to be able to get the sound (and other functionality) going without having to port it from other emulators.

Additionally - I am also making an assumption here that this was supposed to be a complete replacement to the original Series 60 MIDP SDK?? If so - is there any plans to release a skin for standard keypads (like the 7650) as I dont imagine many S60 phones will actually use the circular design of the 3650 keypad!

thanks and please don't ignore this post!

Niall G