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Thread: Help with RDA

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    Help with RDA

    hi all

    I have a problem with the RDA tool.

    when i try to install my sis on the RDA device i get error message.

    but when i take the same sis and i try to install it on real device is work with out any problem.

    any idea?

    please help !


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    Re: Help with RDA

    RDA devices are real devices as well: we have a pool of devices and then RDA just offers an interface to "remote control" them.

    What error message did you receive?

    If the application was self-signed and the device you tried to install the application was from E-series, the problem might be that you need to go to Application manager->Settings->Application installation. Change the setting from "signed only" to "All".

    If not, then the problem is some other. The first thing to check is that the date/time-settings on the device were set correctly.

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