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Thread: Image Loader?

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    Image Loader?


    On my mobile device (6630), I take a snapshot with my J2ME application and
    store this image as png. Then, I send it to my J2SE Application on my
    PC. Now I look at the RGB values of the image on my PC and on my mobile
    device (the images should be equal).
    I have recognized that the values are not equal! The differences are
    between 0 to 6 value steps in each color channel.
    Can someone explain me that? How can I make them equal?

    In J2ME I'm using the javax.microedition.lcdui.Image class, in J2SE I
    use java.awt.Image in combination with java.awt.image.BufferedImage.



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    Re: Image Loader?

    I remembered seein something similar recently, but that was on Series 40 side

    This could be related (if also the S60 implementation uses some sort of palette with limited number of colors for images), but that is just a guess.


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