I have some problems to execute Raccoon in the emulator.
It says "Failed to connect the gateway. Correct address and port?" when I select the menu options: Start w. Connector or Start w/o Connector.

I have read the following:

Unless you setup a gateway of your own (also downloadable from SourceForge) you need to get an account on our gateway. Simply send a mail with the subject Raccoon Account and we will create one for you.

The URL of your mobsite will be like http://xyz.at.openlaboratory.net where xyz is generated from your email-address, unless you explicitly specify what you would like it to be.

Please tell us your affiliation and the intended use. The more specific you are the better, but something as simple as "sounds cool, I just want to check it out" is just fine. This is fully optional but is interesting to us.

What is it? I don´t know what I have to do.
Somebody can say me what steps I must follow to execute raccoon in the emulator ??

Thank you!